Getting access to NAS for fun

Using NAS storage made by LG, I needed to get access with root privilege like php.ini modification.
I found it interesting because there has been a discussion about this issue.
Well, I think LG Electronics should be more careful in security when releasing next version.

1. Overview

You can download up-to-date NAS (N1T1 here) firmware, whose version is 10119 released in Aug. 27, 2012.

The 7-zip utility allows you to decompress new version (called New UI), “firmware-nt1_10119rfke.bin“.
Then you will see 11 extacted files including a single gzipped tar ball, two shell scripts, and files containing values.


2. Summary

I largely referred to the following postings:

To make a long story short, these guys did make use of the flow of installation and add a superuser:

  • The firmware.tar.gz file seemed encrypted/password protected.
  • The gz compressed file hinted that the ENCRYPTION has METHOD_1 in the container.
  • There were shell scripts during before and after installation, named and
  • By adding another user who has root privilege in, they could get full access to NAS file system.
  • They installed another SSH daemon because SSH was running but only listened to a passkeyfile.
  • Since “Old UI” firmware indicated how to decrypt encrypted file, they could still use the same way.

3. Details

(a) manipulation
There is a hidden configuration page to setup telnet. (You can access to this page after login.)

By setting this up, telnet service is available (listening 23/tcp). SSH uses 2020/tcp by default, but it will fail you to sign in with this service due to the reason above. With 7-zip, put additional lines in as following. Make sure your editing follows UNIX style, otherwise it will screw up. CR/LF in windows might lead an error.
useradd -o -u -g 0 -m [youraccount]
echo [youraccount]:[yourpassword] | chpasswd

This setting changes original permission, however it works well.

(b) Upgrade
Login with administrator permission, and go configuration menu.
Click “Firmware update” in System section. Upgrade firmware manually, uploading your box.

(c) Another SSH installation: dropbear
You should install another SSH if you need SSH connection for further connection.
For more information:

#install dropbear
apt-get update
apt-get -y install dropbear
#change dropbear config
sed ‘s/^NO_START=1/NO_START=0/’ /etc/default/dropbear > /tmp/db.$$
mv /tmp/db.$$ /etc/default/dropbear
#modify startup
update-rc.d -f dropbear remove
update-rc.d dropbear start 20 S . stop 20 0 6

After installation, you will see 22/tcp is listening by default.

(d) Decrypting the signed file with passphrase
The firmware.tar.gz has been encrypted, but this could be done with ease.
gpg –passphrase=”$(cat MD5SUM).$(cat MODEL)” –decrypt firmware.tar.gz > dec_firmware.tar.gz

The link below shows decryption method.

Now you have full privilege, the system is your own.


2 thoughts on “Getting access to NAS for fun”

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  2. thank you for the guide!
    I have one question:
    to root the firmware and access the NAS is enough to follow the instuctions a),b),c)?
    what is about the decryption part d)? to cook a modified version of the firmware?

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